UC Mini

uc mini download

UC Mini is specially designed to fit the internet speed of India, Indonesia, to give you fast browsing experience. Thus, it is the best browser to use on a slow network.

UC Mini offers some very useful and tiny add-ons, which won’t take up your memory, but provide a lot more useful functions, such as QR scanner, screenshot, etc.

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UC Mini has in built Ad-blocking, giving you a clean browsing experience. No more ads.
Download manager is awesome, because it greatly accelerates download speed. Movies can be downloaded within 10 minutes.

UC Mini is as popular as its cousin UC Browser app. It fits for mobile devices across platforms like Android, IOS, Java. It is suitable to all types of mobile phones with limited internal storage. The browser has enhanced features designed for small memory phones, offering users a smooth browsing experience even on these phones and on a slow network.

download uc browser mini - the fastest and smallest browser for your android phone

Why choose UC Mini?

UC mini has a size of no more than 3MB. Users can download and install it in no time. Thus it is the best choice for android phones with limited memory and on a slow network. UC browser mini not only saves RAM, it also has many advanced features.

UC Mini has many useful features such as Download Manager, Night Mode. The most impressive features of UC Browser mini are its ability to compress data, reduce loading time, save data and achieve fast download even on a slow network.

uc mini download

Another outstanding features of UC mini is that it supports webpage preloading, allowing you to quickly surf the web at high speed. What it does is it saves these websites on the browser’s server so you can access them faster the next time.


Download UC Mini

UC Mini is a small and simple browser able to achieve big things. It can help you save data and space and vastly reduce loading time and download time. It is the best browser for compact memory phone on a slow network. Enjoy fast browsing with UC Mini.

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